Afrikiko Bar Restaurant & Club Hire

How does it work?

Just give us a try, hire one of our spaces or both. You can request for a quote via phone or directly from our chat even if are offline but make sure to leave valid email address. You booking will be confirmed once you have make payment of the deposit. Balance must be paid prior to the event date. Dry hire is allowed helping you cut the cost by bringing your own booze and food.

Our Restaurant

You can book catered restaurant services or dry. The latter will allow you to book for the location and bring your own food and drinks. If catered we will be able to give you a quote on an agreed menu.

Our Club

You can reserve our club space by giving us a call or leaving an inquiry in the chat. Ensure to leave valid email address. Booking terms can include DJ or you can bring your own(no equipment needed only a laptop). Feel free to book and bring your own booze.